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Monday, 11 January 2016

Why do people still vote Republican in the States?

Dear Readers:

Your ever inquisitive reporter gets a daily publication called "Quora Digest" which has regular, interesting articles in it!

One of these was about politics, and as every reader of this blog knows, politics and religion don't make the least bit of common sense, or even logic, when you start getting opinions from the great unwashed masses!

Let's forget about religion for the time being, because that drives me right around the bend, but rather, let's have a look at why so many people still vote for the Republican party down in the States? (As many of you know, I tend towards the middle-of-the-road as much as possible!)

From Quora Digest:
Every blessed thing the last GOP administration did, every decision they made--no matter how apparently ill-considered, corrupt, stupid, inhumane, foolish, cruel, illogical, violent, clueless, mendacious, thoughtless, ignorant, irresponsible, or completely bat-scat--made perfect sense if you assume that their absolute over-riding goal was to enrich either themselves, their party or their corporate clients at the expense of the American people. 
Every last thing.
I wish that were hyperbole. But it's not.
You want more examples? Prior to the Bush/Cheney Administration, they blew through $70 million taxpayer dollars plus the cost of an entire year of Congress's time, just to mess over a popular president who had the temerity to belong to the other party. Didn't do their jobs, didn't look after the interests of this country or its citizens--just wasted enormous amounts of public money and other government resources for no other purpose than to embarrass a sitting president [1]. 
Didn't even feel embarrassed about it--which brings up an interesting point about this model: how completely Republicans have internalized it.
For example: If you're an American, exactly what did you, personally, get out of the wars in Iraq/Afghanistan--i.e., the Republicans' signature policy during 2001-9? Anything? Anything at all?
We blew trillions of dollars there. Most of that money went for no-bid/no-show contracts for Republican donors.  They got very rich off these wars. And what did the American people get in return?
We got squat. [2]
The Republicans think this is normal.
In contrast, President Obama's signature policy--which aims to improve Americans' access to health care--is, according to our Republican friends, an eeeeeevil government hand-out. Furthermore, so is any other government program through which ordinary Americans might actually derive some good.  
* * *
The upshot is that if you elect Republicans, you can expect them to continue to do the same things they've done for the last quarter-century.
They will hollow out any regulations or watchdog agencies intended to protect consumers, the environment, or people who work for a living, as such safeguards cost their clients money.
They will cut their clients' taxes.
They will start another war and use it to provide wildly profitable contracts to their clients.
They will continue to be the party of government in your bedroom, both as a lurid distraction for the public from the rest of their actions, and because obsessing over sex while ignoring their genuine moral failings (such as violence, corruption, lying, cruelty, etc.) provides them with the illusion of morality.  [3]
They will not fix the infrastructure. Designing and building something that the public actually needs and is likely to use on the regular would be expensive compared to the shoddy dreck we were forced to buy from their clients during their recent war, and thus cut into their profit margins. They will, however, support large, expensive and useless projects that can be used to funnel money to "their people," such as an enormous border fence (or another war).
They will not provide good jobs, not encourage an economy that does so.  They will, however,  encourage jobs at the lowest wages, with the fewest benefits, under the most demeaning and unsafe conditions, so that hiring you makes the least dent in their clients' profits. 
God knows, the Democrats aren't perfect, but most of them are at least trying to make the country better. The Rs are just trying to gut it.
[1]  Similarly: The tenth-and-counting set of hearings, ostensibly about Benghazi, factually about sticking it to the current Democratic front-runner . . . at taxpayers' expense, of course.
[2] Hell, "squat" would be an improvement. The Rs threw away America's honor and prestige in the world like an old shoe, just to enrich a few cronies. They turned millions of people into refugees, killed hundreds of thousands more (including more than 4,000 Americans), and maimed and damaged tens of thousands of our service members, with no more thought than you'd give to squashing a bug--and left the American people to pick up the tab.
(Oh, and here's the punchline: All that money, all that suffering, all that blood spilled--it was supposed to free Iraq from tyranny. Remember?)
[3] Note that, with the exception of supporting the death penalty and guns-for-everyone, all of their social policies are based on the idea that the only excuse for sex is reproduction.