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Sunday, 7 February 2016

"Not In My Backyard" is now "Not In Your Backyard Either!"

Dear Readers:

I just hate it when people think they have the right to tell the rest of us how we should act or think. That goes for religious persuasions, and left wing ecological movements in equal measure.

My main beef today is the tree hugging, liberal do gooders that want to change things that are really none of their business, all because they are on a moral high horse! (Well fuck them ....., and the horse they rode in on!)

We have a lot of these activists protesting animal rights, native rights, gay rights and the environment, but it always seems to be to the detriment of somebody else. In other words, we have gone from "NOT IN MY BACKYARD" to "NOT IN YOUR BACKYARD EITHER!"

The latest case is a Left Wing, Politically Correct, Ecologically Active University Professor in Montreal who thinks he can decimate the economy of London, Ontario because it won't affect him personally, but it will make him feel morally superior to others by telling the Canadian government they had better toe the line ....., HIS LINE! (It was bad enough when these people tried to put a stop to oil pipelines, even though shipping the product by rail didn't work out so good! Remember Lac Megantic?)

Now they want to put a stop to an arms deal for troop carriers for Saudi Arabia, (and over 3000 jobs) because even though the vehicles are for the army, and it is a volatile area of the world ........,  IF that countries citizens ever revolt against their government, the army could POSSIBLY use them against their own people!

Aside from the fact that this is none of our business to begin with, these "IF'S" and "POSSIBILITIES" are not reason enough to throw over 3000 Canadians out of work in an area (London) that has already been hard hit in the manufacturing sector. (We already lost a Shriner's hospital to Montreal, and I'll be damned if I let them screw with us again!)

Like I said, it's bad enough when somebody throws a "not in my backyard" at me, but if they think they can impose "not in your backyard either" on me as well, then they can all go to hell!