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Monday, 29 February 2016

That Republican thing down in the States is getting messy!

Dear Readers:

Image result for trump and rubioThis whole Republican thing is getting stupid as well as messy folks.

Latest word out of Never Never land is that Marco Rubio made disparaging remarks about the size of Donald Trump's dick over the weekend! 

It was either that, or 'The Weekend!' made those remarks ......, I'm not sure which, but does it really matter?


And while we're on the subject of dicks:

Monica Lewinsky, that woman who's only claim to fame is giving the President of the United States a blow job, got in on Hollywood's biggest night. As the end of the Oscars drew close, the anti-bullying activist popped up at Vanity Fair's annual bash in L.A. Sunday.

Lewinsky, 42, donned a simple strapless black dress featuring tiered ruffles. She styled her hair up and completed the look with red lipstick and sparkling earrings.

The appearance comes nearly three weeks after Lewinsky joined forces with Vodafone to create and debut the new #BeStrong Emoji Keyboard app, which help teenagers "communicate support in a bullying situation."


One more word about Donald Trump, he has just announced that Sarah Palin will be his running mate in the general election this fall!


a might want to note that if you're getting paid by the month ......, you're working for free today!


Ladies and Gentlemen, one of our readers sent this video about the Arab refugees to us, and although we can't verify the accuracy of these statements 100%, it does have the ring of truth to it, and jives with other reports we have heard from the European Media.

It might be worth your while to watch it!

Resident of Calais speaks. This is the death of civilization!