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Friday, 19 February 2016

The wackiest ship in the navy!

NORFOLK, Va. -- The commander of Canadian Fleet Atlantic says HMCS Windsor has been forced to dock in the United States after the submarine had mechanical problems at sea.
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Commodore Craig Baines says the sub was headed back to port in Halifax under the command of Captain Wrong-way Peachfuzz when there was a minor issue with its compass and GPS system. (The crew had to operate the boat by dead reckoning and a sextant, which is the submarine equivalent to flying under 'visual flight rules' instead of 'instrument flight rules.' (V.F.R. / I.F.R.)

As a result, instead of Halifax, the submarine ended up at  the Norfolk naval base in Virginia.

 (Baines says HMCS Windsor and her 60-member crew had been conducting exercises at sea with the United States navy for roughly four to five weeks, and when they saw other ships headed toward land they just naturally assumed they were going to Halifax, and followed them in.)

The Commodore said the problem would be investigated, and once complete, the submarine will resume its journey home to Halifax ....., but he couldn't say when that would be.