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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Saturday Morning Confusion About Evolution!

Dear Readers:

This should drive the Creationists absolutely nuts!

Image result for monkey eating banana clipartWe share about 97% - 98% of our genes with apes and monkeys, even though creationists refuse to accept the fact that we were all Simians at one time.

BUT, we also share about 50% of our genes with a banana!!!!!!  (Now the only connection I can see here is that a banana is a monkeys favourite food. Other than that, I'm stumped!)


I just noticed that it's 6 degrees celsius and cloudy in London, Ontario, Wilhelmshaven Germany, Glasgow Scotland and Vancouver B.C. (That takes care of the entire extended family!)


MONTREAL -- A 28-year-old man died Friday after an apparent workplace accident at Universite de Montreal. Emergency workers found what we left of the man underneath one of the school's escalators.

Seems his pants became stuck in the steps where it goes into the grill at the top of the escalator, and it just sort of sucked him in like a meat grinder. (That's almost as bad as the guy who got his arm stuck in the door of an elevator ......, which then went down and dragged him with it!)

Police erected a safety perimeter around the scene and were questioning witnesses.

This reminds me of when I lived just down the street from the Otis Elevator Company in Vancouver B.C. It was a rather unremarkable building except for the fact that it was about a block long and only one story high .........., in other words, it didn't have an elevator kids!

It also reminds me of the time I got stuck on an escalator in Toronto's Eaton Center that stopped moving, and I had to wait almost two hours until the got it working again.

Speaking of escalators, when I was just a young lad back in the sixties we went to pick my dad up at Malton Airport on the same day that Prime Minister Lester Pearson and the boys were in town to attend the 'official' opening of the Aeroquay One terminal that was supposed to vault Toronto into the big leagues of transportation.

Now since I was a young teenager and extremely A.D.H.D.  I naturally wondered off for a bit of exploring, and came upon a bunch of workers getting the lobby ready for all the big shots that were supposed to attend the opening ceremonies.

I was standing at the bottom of the 'up' escalator when I saw a bunch of buttons down near the bottom of the area where the handrail came up out of the floor .........., and not knowing what they were for, I pressed one!

Well, seems this was the emergency stop ......, and there was no one there who knew how to get it stated again.

When the grand opening started a few minutes later everyone, (Including Lester B. Pearson) had to wait for the escalator repairman to get there, and when he didn't arrive they all "walked" up the escalator to the next floor.

That night on the CBC six o'clock news they showed all the big shots walking up the escalator and made some snide remarks about how they couldn't even get things working properly in a brand new building!

My parents were not amused!


BELLEVILLE, Ont. — A woman accused of 36 sex crimes involving minors is a teacher, police have revealed. Jaclyn Lindsay McLaren, also known as Jaclyn (Jackie) Jones, 36, of Stirling, Ont., is free on a $100,000 bond and strict conditions after her bail hearing Friday in Belleville court.
Ontario Provincial Police then announced she was facing several more charges – and employed as a teacher with the Belleville-based Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board.
Sgt. Peter Leon said the charges now involve four young people ages 12 to 15 and date from 2013 to 2016. Investigators say the incidents occurred in Tweed, 37 kilometres northeast of Belleville.

(Now where was someone like this when I was in my early teens. Most of the teachers we had were either men with bad tempers, or some soon to be retired spinster who taught French and Latin! The only hint of a scandal we ever had was in grade nine when the gym teacher stopped dating one of the grade 13 guys and ran away with the School Principal!)


We've all heard of the "two drink limit" in some bars ..........., right?

Well now some cops in the States are being subjected to a "two bullet limit" when they have a confrontation with a bad (?) guy!

In what is likely to be referred to as the "Barney Fife Rule," officers will only be allowed to shoot two bullets at a time, no matter what the situation is. In some cases, this won't be enough bullets. In far too many cases, this will still be too many bullets. The push towards de-escalation is undermined by a permission slip that says two (2) bullets may be fired per officer (at minimum) even if the situation would be better served by the methods discussed in the mandatory training session officers slept through/mocked/interrupted with logical questions like "the hell is this two-bullet limit?"
In the case of Mario Woods -- who was shot 21 times by five officers -- he'd have only been killed by ten bullets. I suppose this is how the SFPD has chosen to interpret "less-lethal force." On the plus side, surrounding homes/citizens are far less likely to be the recipients of wayward bullets. And it will definitely make it very difficult for any officers pulling a "Brelo" to explain why they unloaded 49 bullets in 30 seconds at a suspect from point-blank range.
What the rule does, unfortunately, is make it more dangerous to be a police officer. In exchange, it does nearly nothing to lessen the danger of being a citizen. Lose-lose. The correct response would be to throw the entire weight of the PD's upper echelon behind de-escalation training.(Does anyone even still use a nightstick or taser? -Ed.)