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Monday, 14 March 2016

Rosie Perez for Vice President!

Dear Readers:

Here's a headline that should grab ya by the ears: Top Democrats turn to Perez as sleeper VP

Since we are into the silly season in U.S. politics anyway, this announcement should come as no surprise to Washington insiders!!

We don't quite know how this came about, but the latest word from "" and the Perspective Research Department, is that Hillary Clinton's  running mate, and choice for Vice President, would be none other than Rosie Perez!  

(We have instructed the staff at the Naked News Department to look into this runour even as we speak!)

Rosie Perez at the New York Premiere of the film, Won't Back Down, in 2012Yup, forget about Bernie Sanders, or anybody else taking on the responsibility for that job bunky, since insiders consider Rosie the perfect woman for the role!

The former "View" co-star doesn't have too much experience in politics, but has been a regular on Television and the big screen for the past few decades.

Officials are quoted as saying: "If they can elect a community organizer as President of the United States, what's wrong with appointing a three time Emmy winner as Vice President?"

Ms. Clinton's office was not available for comment!


While we're on the subject of headlines: Richard Simmons, 67, Denies He Is Being Held Against His Will and Vows to Make a Comeback:'You Haven't Seen the Last of Me.'
The fitness instructor has retreated from the spotlight in recent years, causing the New York Daily News to investigate claims that Simmons is being held inside his home – purposely kept away from his close friends and family – against his will. In the article, published on Saturday, several friends reportedly told the Daily News that they hadn't heard from Simmons since 2013 and are "very concerned." However, the star told Entertainment Tonight Online on Sunday that he is not in any danger, and added that the Daily News's report is "very hurtful" "I am not kidnapped," Simmons said. "I am just in my house right now." "No one should be worried about me," Simmons told ET. "The people that surround me are wonderful people who take great care of me."
(According to the Perspective Naked News Department, what started all these rumours was an attempt by Richard's manager to have 'Carrot Top' substitute for him at several charity events in the past year!)

 Image result for richard simmons                              Image result for carrot top 


A single paragraph, taken from Bernie Sanders playbook, and buried in the Ontario budget, could mean big changes in the lives of some of the province's most impoverished residents by giving them a guaranteed minimum income.
Last month's provincial budget promised a pilot project to test "that a basic income could build on the success of minimum wage policies and increases in child benefits by providing more consistent and predictable support."
The concept is on the radar of the federal Liberals, too -- a Liberal-dominated parliamentary committee called on the Trudeau government to explore the concept of guaranteeing people a minimum income in a pre-budget report tabled Friday.
Charles Sousa, Ontario's finance minister, said the province has not decided which community will be the test site for a basic income guarantee.
"It's something that many people seem to have an interest in us testing out, so we're looking at something in the fall," he said. "Other jurisdictions are using it, and I want to see if it makes sense for us, so it's important for us to pilot, to test it out, and see what happens."
Proponents say a guaranteed minimum income, which would see families living below the poverty line topped up to a set level, would be more efficient and less costly than administering the existing series of social programs that help low-income residents.


Well folks, here's the first bit of common sense we have heard in a long time from this politically correct world we live in! 
Image result for dangerous playground equipment signs
The city of Richmond, B.C., is taking what some might consider a radical approach to updating their playgrounds, by introducing an element of risk into the design. Now, other municipalities are considering the idea.
Dad Levi Higgs watches as his son, Lochlan Higgs, 7, climbs, slides, swings and runs around the Terra Nova Adventure playground in Richmond, B.C.
Playgrounds The park was purposely designed to let kids take risks in a safe environment. Features of the playground include ziplines, various size swings, a rolling hill, and a rope walkway.
Levi Higgs says he really values all these design features. "At the end of the day, you're never going to be able to protect your kids from everything that could happen to them," he told CTV Vancouver. "So you have to get them to learn how to handle themselves, and be able to pick themselves back up."
Image result for dangerous playground equipment signsNow, local leaders in Delta, B.C., also want to bring back an element of risk as they plan an update of the Annieville playground.
Researchers say riskier play helps prepare kids for real life, and that kids who aren't allowed to take risks may show greater anxiety and depression later on.
Mariana Brussoni, an associate professor at the University of British Columbia's school of population and public health, says taking risks helps children develop.
Image result for dangerous playground equipment signs"It's about figuring out what you're capable of," she said. "The hope is to raise a generation of kids that feel comfortable with trying new things and being creative, and feel comfortable failing."
Back in Richmond, parents of all generations appeared to agree. "Some of the playgrounds are too safe to the point where they're boring," parent Justin Filuk said.


AND FINALLY: Since we are all on Daylight Saving Time again, ya might want to read this:

It’s true that DST does provide extra daylight in the evening, and that it may bring with it increased physical activity and reduced incidence of depression. But there is plenty of evidence that changing the clocks by an hour can have a detrimental effect on our health.
Image result for alarm clock clipartClock shifts disrupt our circadian rhythms. Studies have show that, around the times of the spring clock changes, there are spikes in suicide rates and an increase in the number of recorded heart attacks. In fact, when Kazakhstan ditched DST in 2005, it cited health reasons. Sure, it might make you go for an extra jog or two every year, but it might also help contribute to a heart attack. I know which I’d prefer.
Image result for rooster crowing clipartSo, none of the arguments for maintaining DST weigh up. I have one, very large, argument to support scrapping it, though: it loses the US billions of dollars every year. It damages retail, affects the stock market in a negative way, and even disrupts agriculture.
A century ago, we didn’t have data to tell us whether DST made a real measurable impact; it was acceptable to run with it because, for all we knew, it was useful. Now, we know better. Day light savings sucks—and we need to get rid of it.