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Monday, 25 April 2016

And now for something completely different! #42

Dear Readers:

Image result for james searsAs I said in my previous post, it has been an interesting weekend that was crowned by a story about Canada Post that quickly morphed into a clusterfuck of insanity, debauchery, lasciviousness, degeneracy, corruption, vice and depravity!

Lets' start at the beginning with the story of Canada Post and how they are being sued for distributing a free, weekly newsletter to parts of eastern Toronto.

Not only are they being sued, but the postal workers are up in arms and on the verge of rioting for being forced to deliver this piece of crap flyer!
An Ottawa lawyer has filed a human rights complaint against Canada Post and the Canadian government over the distribution of a newsletter he says is filled with simple hate propaganda.
Richard Warman says “Your Ward News,” which is distributed to approximately 80,000 homes in east Toronto, contains misogynist, homophobic, anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic hate.
The free newsletter says it is “dedicated to holding city councillors accountable to their constituents,” yet typically speaks of such things as “the hidden Holocaust” against white people.
Well, don't ya know that as soon as I read this description of the "newspaper" I figured this story was right up my alley, and instructed the Perspective Research Department, along with members of the Naked News staff to look into it.

I gotta tell you folks, the more I read, the weirder it got! This was the sort of thing you might expect down in the States, but reading about it here in Canada gave me a queasy feeling!
Your Ward News often claims to be simply a “controversial” or “satirical” newspaper that is pushing the boundaries of free speech in some libertarian crusade against the forces of censorship and big government. This is a tired old trope that’s been used by Neo-Nazis for ages. Take for example Paul Fromm and his “Canadian Association for Free Expression“. Fromm has been an active Nazi organizer and recruiter for decades and has ties to the KKK., yet he frames his organization in terms of liberal defense of free speech. The now defunct Heritage Front also tried to deflect criticism from it’s Nazi organizing to appealing to liberal notions of free speech. Your Ward News has connections to both Paul Fromm and the Heritage Front.
 Now as if this wasn't bad enough, I started to research the owner and publisher of this rag and found out his name is James Sears. (a.k.a.  "Dimitri the Lover.") 

- B.T.W. Mr Sears is also a friend of Ted Nugent, who is crazy enough for a complete story all by himself!

Well, what about Jimmy, ya ask?

First of all it was DR. James Spears, except the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons took away his license to practice medicine.
In 1993 James Sears, (AKA Dimitri the Lover) editor of Your Ward News lost his license to practice medicine after numerous complaints of sexual misconduct ...........!
Image result for james searsThe complaints against Sears include a spree of sexual harassment against multiple female patients, including masturbating in one of their washrooms while on a house call.
Sears’ license to be a Mortgage Broker was also refused in 2008. (Sears was formerly associated with the now defunct Trillium Mortgage, and it’s now suspected that he’s working for Expert Mortgage.)
As usual folks, I'm not making this shit up!
Since James Sears AKA Dimitri the Lover has taken over as editor, Your Ward News has gone into full reactionary persecution complex mode. We’ve seen less content from YWN regulars like Nazi scumbag Gary Schipper, AKA J.J. (although he’s now listed as a “Senior Journalist“) and Nazi/Paul Bernardo fan Michelle Erstikiatis, and the newspaper has almost exclusively become an outlet for James Sears to promote himself, his anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and his hopeless fantasy of political office (we can’t help but wonder if Leroy is being muscled or manipulated out?).
Sears’ conspiracy theories have become personal lately, and he now thinks the Zio-Marxist hoards have the Post Office, the NDP, the Liberal Party, the unions, and even local graffiti artists working together to silence him. With this level of organization, surely the Bolsheviks will be kicking our doors down any minute, demanding collective use of your toothbrush for the globalist proletariat.
Image result for james searsSears has offered a free dinner with himself (more like a punishment than a prize) to anyone who can decipher a word spray painted above “Nazi fuck” which someone recently scrawled on the office window of YWN at 163 Main St. Far from being part of a union led terror campaign, it looks like the graffiti was done by a local tagger who goes by ‘Sherm‘. How unbelievable is it that people in the community would want to vandalize your office window if you publish a Nazi newspaper, and make your address public? It had to have been part of an elaborate conspiracy! While we support the act, and couldn’t care less about the property rights of Nazi degenerates, we can’t take responsibility for this little tag.
This month‘s wrap blames Israel and the CIA for 9/11, and continues into some Rothschild conspiracy theories about the monetary system and assassinations. And of course, voting for Sears will keep the lizard people at bay.
Apparently the YWN publisher is Metis, so it looks like he’s trying to pull some liberal identity politics bullshit by now stating boldly on the front page that the newspaper is “METIS OWNED & OPERATED SINCE 2007”. The publishers of this blog are against colonialism, and stand in solidarity with ingenious struggles whenever possible, but we also recognize that belonging to a certain group doesn’t mean that you can’t also be a racist piece of shit.
Much like James Sears abuse of Metis identity, he frequently claims solidarity with Palestinians.
The whole farce of “free speech” and “political satire” is transparent to anyone paying attention. We’ve been reading Your Ward News critically for about a year now (yes, it’s been nauseating), and have documented on this blog numerous accounts of racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, incitement to hatred against immigrants, and support for known Nazis. These examples, in their tone, context, and frequency couldn’t possibly be considered political satire. Anyone who, after looking at the evidence, comes to the defense of YWN and/or James Sears, is either willfully ignorant, or supportive of their bigotry (or both).
occupy-what-lawrence-mccurryAs if YWN wasn’t enough of a gong show, Toronto conspiracy theorist creep Lawrence McCurry recently jumped into the mix. McCurry is vaguely known by some in Toronto for showing up at activist events looking like inspector gadget, claiming to be a journalist, and taking voyeuristic pictures of people with the likes of Greg Renouf.
In addition to being hilarious looking and writing terribly, McCurry shares Leroy/Sears’ passion for Marxist conspiracy theories, and he recently wrote an article defending YWN and posted a supportive interview with James Sears to his Youtube channel:
 In addition to being hilarious looking and writing terribly, McCurry shares Leroy/Sears’ passion for Marxist conspiracy theories, and he recently wrote an article defending YWN and posted a supportive interview with James Sears to his Youtube channel:

(Oh Ya, I almost forgot, Jimmy has also run for various political parties and issues, but he keeps losing! -Ed.)

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