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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Canadian, eh?

Dear Readers: We have a few Canadian things here, thanks to the Huffington Post.

This was sent in yesterday: What is the most Canadian thing a person can do?

To which Suzanne Fortin replied:
  1. Have a conversation in English and French.
  2. Complain about the weather, especially when it's snowy and really cold.
  3. Go out in -30 weather. Put on longjohns, thick wooly socks, a ski mask, a big parka, a scarf, thick gloves and Kodiak boots.
  4. Figure out what to wear when the windchill is at -20 C at 7 am, but it'll be plus 10 C at 4 pm.
  5. Order a double-double at Tim Hortons (Coffee with double cream double sugar).
  6. Go to the sugar shack, i.e where they collect maple sap and make maple syrupe. Eat beans, pork and pancakes.
  7. Shovel the wind row left by the municipal snow plough at the front of your driveway. Then shovel it again when he returns.
 But then again, ya can't please all of the people all of the time kids.

Oh, you can please some of the people all of the time, or all of the people some of the time, or most of the people every now and then, even if ya can't please none of the people all of the time!!!!!

Which brings us to this question: Why are Canadians so unfriendly?

To which Candice Bearant, Born in the True North, jumped in with this answer!

I wish I knew more about the circumstances surrounding your question, but it is likely region-specific.  

Just as is the case in many parts of the world, there are some Canadian places where people are indeed unfriendly.  Downtown Montreal is beautiful, but it can be very unfriendly.  On the other hand, downtown Banff is probably the friendliest place in the country. 

I'm sorry to hear you've obviously had a bad experience.  I hope you come back and try again. I'm a bit biased, but I do think we are mainly friendly people.

Here are some very friendly (and beautiful) Canadian places for your next trip: Try one of those great places! 
  • Whistler BC
  • Saskatoon SK
  • Banff & Jasper, AB
  • Whitehorse, YK
  • Vancouver BC
  • Clear Lake MB
  • Churchill MB 
  • Dundas ON
  • Guelph ON
  • Quebec City
  • St. John's NL
  • Summer side PEI
  • Fredricton NB 

And Finally: A reader asked, How do Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver differ?

To which Andrew McGlinchey answered:  I heard this joke from a taxi driver in Toronto:
  • In Toronto, they say, "Thank god it's Monday." (Stereotype: In Toronto, everyone is all about making money.)
  • In Montreal, they say, "Thank god it's Friday." (Stereotype: In Montreal, they like to go out and have fun.)
  • In Vancouver, they say (speak in stoner voice), "What day is it, man?"