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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Indian: Me know "how," want to know "when!"

Dear Readers:

Image result for indian headdress clipartWell, here I go getting into trouble again: TODAY'S SUBJECT IS INDIANS! (No, I don't mean the brown guys with the funny accents, I mean the red guys with the funny hats!)

For more years than I can remember I have heard Native Americans complain about how hard they have it on the Reserves that are spread over the length and breadth of this great land of ours!

No jobs, no clean water, no decent housing, a high suicide rate, high divorce rate, high alcoholism rate, and nothing to do on a Saturday night except beat the wife and kick the dog!
A psychiatrist who has been working with First Nations mental health services for several years says suicide crises like the one gripping the remote northern Ontario community of Attawapiskat have been a long-standing, inadequately addressed issue for decades.
Dr. Cornelia Wieman, a University of Toronto professor and the first indigenous woman to train as a psychiatrist in Canada, told CTV’s Power Play Tuesday that an alarming surge in suicide attempts in Attawapiskat didn’t happen overnight.
“Conditions build up over a long period of time and eventually reach a boiling point,” she said.
“There have been crises like this happening for decades,” she said. “We only hear more about it now in the last 10 or 15 years because we have more social media and things like that.”
Folks, your humble reporter has been offering the solution to all this misery for quite some time now, and we finally have a politician who you might remember by the name of Jean Chretien who agrees with me!


Common' folks, it's not that difficult. There's nothing going on in those Reserves.


Look, when the fish stocks got low and things got tough in Newfoundland, everybody was smart enough to load up the pickup and move to where the jobs were ........., Alberta!

Why can't you people do the same? 

Lets face it, there's nothing going on up there folks, and you'd be a lot better off down here with some of the amenities we have to offer.

Forget about your culture, and put your heritage where it belongs ....., in a scrapbook!

You had a stone age culture who's time has come, and it's about time you all moved into a new neighborhood!

P.S. The Federal government has spent about $200 BILLION dollars through 'Indian Affairs' since the 1960's and it seems like money pissed down the drain! (Don't they realize that for that price we could have cancelled another 200 gas plants here in Ontario!))


Image result for Internet black widowRemember the "Internet Black Widow?" (That's that old broad who kept killing her husbands down on the East Coast.)

Well, she's been out of jail on parole for about a month now, and the cops just caught her trying to lure other guys into her web over the Internet!

That was a no, no,  according to her release conditions, so they threw her back in the klink!

 Image result for Internet black widow


As if he hasn't been in enough movies and shows lately, Benedict Cumberbatch is now set to appear as "Dr. Strange" in the latest Marvel Comics saga!
Doctor Strange is just the latest of the British actor's blockbuster run of prominent roles. Cumberbatch currently stars in the hit TV series Sherlock as the titular master detective, he recently concluded a stint as Hamlet on the British stage, voiced the dragon Smaug in The Hobbit films, portrayed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in the drama The Fifth Estate and appeared as Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness.
Joining Cumberbatch in the Doctor Strange cast are Canadian actress Rachel McAdams as well as Tilda Swinton, Mads Mikkelsen, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Stulbarg and Benedict Wong.