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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Saturday Morning Confusion About Everything #71

Dear Readers:

Image result for junos 2016 calgaryWell the Juno's are on TV this weekend and since this is a quintessentially Canadian show they have set a few guidelines for the two hosts, Jan Arden and what's his name!

First of all, no American jokes, especially jokes about Donald Trump, and second, the jokes have to be nice, not nasty ...., since this is Canada!

A heavy slate of relative newcomers, including The Weeknd, Shawn Mendes and Alessia Cara, are set to take the stage in Calgary for Sunday's telecast, which will honour rising musicians and chart-toppers alike.

"There's nothing like being embraced from home," says Cara, who is nominated for four Juno's this year, including breakout artist and the fan choice award.

She'll be joined by several other pop stars who helped take Canadian music to extraordinary heights on the Billboard charts in 2015. At one point in December, Canadian singers held seven of the Top 10 spots on the Billboard Hot 100.


It seems Spring will go out like a lion this weekend, even though it is a few days late for March!
According to Environment Canada, the first weekend of April will feel more like what southern Ontario residents might expect in February, with rain showers and possible snow flurries forecast in the Greater Toronto Area, where temperatures are expected to hit a low of -10 C overnight Saturday and a high of -1 C on Sunday.
Below-normal temperatures are also expected in parts of Manitoba, Quebec and the Maritimes beginning this weekend and continuing into early next week.
"We may see more snow this weekend than we had in all of December this year," Phillips said, noting that this past winter was the warmest on record in Toronto.
But those worried about April's chilly start may be pleased to learn that the national weather agency is actually forecasting a milder-than-normal spring. "We think that from mid-April on, spring will be warmer than normal," Phillips said.


The TV series "The Vikings"  is a big hit and now scientists have uncovered what may be another previously unknown Viking settlement in Newfoundland, news sources report.
Image result for vikingsThe newly identified site, known as Point Rosee, contains a hearthstone that was likely used for working iron, making it only the second known pre Columbian, iron-processing site in North America, the researchers told National Geographic.
The team is still examining the site, which was discovered with the help of detailed satellite images. The public can follow their progress by tuning into "Vikings Unearthed," a 2-hour NOVA special that can be watched online Monday (April 4) and on TV Wednesday (April 6).
Officials are quoted as saying that one Viking settlement could be a fluke, but  two or more of them proves that they were early residents of what is now Canada.

In other news, Viking groups in Scandinavia have applied for a cultural grant from the Canadian government, and various individuals have applied for welfare and other forms of social assistance!


 Here's a headline that I can wholeheartedly agree with kids: "FDA May Limit amount of Arsenic in Infant Cereals!"

Well it's about time folks, it's about time!


This news just in to the Perspective Research Department: It seems that Russian astronauts carry a variety of weapons with them when they go into space!

TP-82, the Soviet machete gun.

At first we thought these might be carried in case of an attack from aliens, but further investigation proved they were to be used if the spacemen had to make an emergency landing in some far off, inhospitable location where there might be bears, or lions, or killer kangaroos.

The Ultimate List of Weapons Astronauts Have Carried Into Orbit 

What's not so clear is this next item:  

Soviet laser pistols

Yes, these are real handheld laser weapons developed in the 1980s for cosmonauts. These futuristic pistols used pyrotechnic flashbulb ammunition, and their primary function was to disable optical sensors on enemy spacecraft or satellites. Allegedly the laser beams of these recoil-less guns were energetic enough to burn through a helmet visor, or to blind anybody from 65 feet.

The Ultimate List of Weapons Astronauts Have Carried Into Orbit

MEANWHILE: U.S. spacemen carried this!

Whirlpool water guns

Stainless steel water guns provided both hot and cold water aboard several US spacecraft, allowing astronauts to drink clean water and to prepare their dehydrated food. Also they were designed to be used as a fire extinguisher in emergency. Hope you can also imagine deadly water gun battles in space!

 The Ultimate List of Weapons Astronauts Have Carried Into Orbit