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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

'Mid Week Mayhem' about the cut of your jib!

Dear Readers:

North Carolina continues to draw controversy with its highly divisive transgender bathroom laws.

I guess it all depends on the cut of your jib, bunky. (And if you've ever had a cut jib ....., you'll know exactly what I mean!) Both sides of the issue have their supporters and detractors as these video clips will show:

In the video, the self-described mother of 12 can be seen marching through an unspecified Target store, waving a bible above her head as she shouts such rhetoric as, “Are you gonna let the devil rape your children?” And, “Target would have you believe with their Mother’s Day displays that they love mothers and children. This is a deception. This is not love, and they’ve proven it by opening their bathrooms to perverted men.”

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:

The unidentified woman in the video is one of many people who’ve lashed out against Target’s recent pledge to “welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity.”
Target launched the policy last month amid controversy over a North Carolina law, House Bill 2, mandating that people use the bathroom that matches their biological sex.
A little over a week later, more than 700,000 people had signed a petition, started by the conservative American Family Association, to boycott the national chain.
(P. S. I didn't have to include this second clip in the story, but the reporter has such a killer smile that I couldn't resist!)

Yes boys and girls, the shit is hitting the fan left, right and center ....., but especially on the right!
Amid reports that United Methodist leaders are considering dividing over LGBT equality disputes, the denomination’s top bishop on Tuesday asked members to recommit to remaining together, even though he described their community as having a “broken heart” and in the views of many being “out of time.”
Bishop Bruce Ough spoke during an unscheduled appearance at the major, once-every-four-years meeting of the global denomination, which is being held in Portland, Ore. Ough, the incoming president of the Council of Bishops, said he was responding to a flood of social media leaks about secret meetings top church leaders were having in the last week about the possibility of separating. The meeting is called a General Conference.
United Methodists, the third-largest faith group in the United States, have been talking for years about splitting as conservative wings from Africa and Asia become far more numerous than the relatively liberal American church. Pressure has grown since same-sex marriage started to become legal, meaning more pastors are performing such weddings for congregants — or coming out themselves — and traditional members are pushing for more accountability to United Methodist law and even for trials of pastors who violate it.


ON THE OTHER HAND, the average Joe, (like me) has more important stuff to worry about ......, like how warm or  cold is it going to be next winter?

Cold Blob In Pacific

A strong El Niño has been wreaking havoc on weather around the world for a year. But it might not be around for too much longer.
 Researchers at NOAA are seeing early signs that La Niña, the cooler side of the same climatic cycle that contains El Niño, is starting to emerge. The GIF above shows the water temperatures of the top 1,000 feet of the Pacific Ocean near the Equator taken during the spring. Blue represents cooler than normal temperatures, a sign that the warm waters that drive El Niño might be on the way out.