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Sunday, 5 June 2016

And now a message from Ben Stein!

Dear Readers:

Ben Stain started out as Richard Nixon's speech writer and went on to become a Republican Economist,  a TV host on "Win Ben Steins Money" (Which also launched Jimmy Kimmel) and a political commentator on all the network news shows.

Since he is in a good position to judge Donald Trump, it might be a good idea to listen to what he says: "Trump is bad at business and economics, but I'm going to vote for him anyway!"
He is not a great businessman. He inherited a great deal of money. He did some successful real estate deals. Hardly anyone could miss doing successful real estate deals in New York considering the incredible boom that has taken place and the very low base point when he started out. He is not a great businessman at all – in no way!
On Trump’s grasp of economics:
I don’t think Trump knows a goddamn thing about economics.
On Trump in general:
But I like him anyway, I might add.
And don't kid yourself that Ben Stein doesn't know what he's talking about ......., as this clip from the movie "Ferris Buellers Day off" will show!