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Monday, 6 June 2016

From being fired at, to fighting the fire!

Dear Readers:

Although they have only been in this country a very short time a bunch of Syrian refugees have already given back to their adopted country!

Over the weekend a group presented the Canadian Red Cross with a cheque for money raised by the refugees to help in the Fort McMurray disaster relief!

These folks ate trying to get themselves established in this country, and have taken a "all for one and one for all" attitude, so they are our nominees for the "Winner of the Day" award!

We need more refugees with this type of attitude!


Image result for super hornet clipartI have said numerous times in the past that the government should give up on purchasing the new f-35 fighter jet since it is too expensive and there is too much going wrong with the thing ...., and I'm glad to say the government has finally listened to my arguments!

The 'DoD' has just announced that they will be following Australia's lead and purchasing a bunch of F-18 Super Hornets that will do the same job and cost a hell of a lot less!


Image result for drug dealer clipart That new tough talking King, Prime Minister, President of the Philippines is urging citizens to shoot drug dealers, and he will see about giving them a medal!

Now that's what I call a real 'war on drugs!'




MEANWHILE: It was 1976 and Neil Young had already come down from Winnipeg, hung around Yorkville in Toronto with Gord Lightfoot, Joni Mitchell and all the other musicians living there ....., gone on to fame and fortune, and was living in Los Angeles, when he decided to do an incognito busking performance in Glasgow on the day of his concert there: (Listen to him asking directions!)

With Neil Young playing a Glasgow gig tonight, we make no apology for reposting this brilliant 1976 clip of 'Old Shaky' busking outside Glasgow Central Station.
Shot by late Glasgow film-maker David Peat, it follows Young from the Albany Hotel, to the station's Gordon Street entrance, where he sits down to perform Old Laughing Lady.
The comments from some of the audience are priceless - as is this footage.
Interestingly, Neil, and his band, have spent the last couple of days rehearsing at the city's Berkeley Studios ahead of tonight's gig.
 Neil Young The Old Laughing Lady 1976 incognito in Glasgow




AND FINALLY: We asked Bill if Hilary was going to win the election!