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Friday, 10 June 2016

(The) Man on the Moon!

Dear Readers:

As usual, we here at the Perspective research Department, along with some of the staff from the Naked Newsroom are attempting to clear up and dispel rumours and conspiracy theories that keep circulating in our Zeitgeist about a wide and diverse range of subjects.

A lot of these conspiracy theories are patently ridiculous, and some, like the 9/11 dialogue we hear with alarming frequency have a false ring of truth to them. 

Others, although they appear to be totally nonsensical,  turn out to be based on scientific fact.

One example of this is the silly story that the moon landings were a fake, and we never really went there ....., when in actual fact we not only went to the moon, but we brought back samples!  (It is a common misconception that the moon is a grey colour because that is the way we see it with the naked eye after the light rays have passed through our atmosphere.)
"The Moon is made of green cheese" is a statement referring to a belief that the Moon is composed of cheese. In its original formulation as a proverb and metaphor for credulity with roots in fable, this refers to the perception of a someone who sees a reflection of the Moon in water and mistakes it for a round cheese wheel. It is widespread as a folkloric motif among many of the world's cultures, and the notion has also found its way into both children's folklore and modern popular culture.
When viewed through a powerful telescope that does not distort the image to any great degree we find the colour of the moon is quite different ....,
See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download
 the highest resolution version available.

and after confirmation from the Apollo Astronaut's sample of moon material we find that it is indeed made of green cheese similar to these Earthly delights. (There are several varieties of cheese which are actually green or pale green in colour. Green cheese varieties include: Cherni Vit - Green cheese from Bulgaria and Schabziger - Swiss green cheese.)