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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Saturday Morning Confusion # 63

Dear Readers:

Image result for bill and hillary clipartI just read another article where Republicans were bringing up stuff that Bill Clinton did, or was supposed to have done, during his term as President twenty years ago.

I still don't know what that has to do with Hilary Clinton today, but if they want to play by those rules then Donald Trump should be responsible for all the shit caused by George W Bush. (As well as his own impressive list of sins!)

I mean, after all, what's fair is fair eh?


You remember that old saying: "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!"

Image result for angry woman clipartSeems we have another case of revenge lawsuits here when some women who accused a priest of sexual assault and took a cash settlement from the church many, many years ago ......, but decided they didn't get their full pound of flesh and are now urging the cops to lay charges, since there is no statute of limitations on this type of crime! (Never mind that they signed a non-disclosure agreement!)

I'm not defending the priest by any means folks, but some women do seem to have a proclivity for harbouring grievances much more than men do! In other words they never forget, it just festers in the back of their mind forever, and God help anyone on the receiving end of that wrath!


Ezra Levant in 2014.Ezra Levant, of "The Rebel" (A right wing publication.) must have got tired of being sued, so now he figures it's his turn.

Seems a couple of people had some things to say about the Fort McMurray fundraiser he was promoting that didn't sit too well with Mr. Levant, and now he's dragging their asses into court.

We will keep you informed!


On the tech front, Google has come out in favour of the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) because they claim it will be good for intellectual property and the internet while some guy from a tech site says it won't.

Image result for hulk hogan clipartSo far they have been going bla, bla, bla all day long, while over in the next yard "Gawker" is declaring bankruptcy because they showed some pictures of Hulk Hogan fucking somebody else's wife.

Seems it's O.K. to screw around, but not O.K. to report it!

(I guess Terry doesn't have a sense of humour!!!!)


The idea of Gary Johnson for president is a lot less crazy than it used to be.
Johnson, the Libertarian Party’s nominee for president, was an intriguing candidate in the 2012 GOP primary who didn’t catch on. A successful two-term governor of New Mexico, he was never really taken seriously, thanks in part to the cable TV networks that refused to let him debate.
His attempt to enter the national conversation from the right — after governing as a Republican and running in the GOP primary — did not work. Democrats never got a close look at him, and Republicans looked at his wide-eyed, goofy demeanor and dismissed him simply as a pot-smoking kooky Libertarian.
But in 2016, the 63-year-old Johnson is a far more colorful candidate than presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, and his lighthearted, sneakers-with-a-suit zaniness now appears rather tame in comparison to presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s boasts about the size of his genitals and public threats against political opponents.
“All it is, is name-calling between Clinton and Trump. How about an adult in the room talking about issues and the importance of these issues and how this country can move forward?” said Johnson when we sat down Wednesday.
He’s entertaining without being offensive. He’s accomplished but doesn’t have a whiff of corruption. He’s younger than both Clinton, who turns 69 in October, and Trump, who turns 70 next week. Johnson’s social liberalism and economic conservatism are well suited for the current political climate.
All of this partly explains why Johnson is already polling near 10 percent after only recently beginning to campaign in earnest. If he gets to 15 percent or higher in most polls, he’ll be guaranteed a spot in the three presidential debates this fall, at least according to the rules set by the Presidential Commission on Debates.
It seems Johnson and his running mate — former Republican Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld — will get a more serious look this year than any Libertarian presidential ticket in history. And that’s when the real test for Johnson will begin, if his policy positions are closely scrutinized and debated.