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Sunday, 12 June 2016

From Donald, to smokes, to yoga, to shoes!

Dear Readers:

Image result for trump clipartNow that things have settled down a bit after the shootings in Florida last night we should talk about a few things.

First of all, Donald Drumpf did his usual 'insensitivity crap' by claiming he was right about the "Muslims."
Donald Trump on Sunday slammed the nation’s “weak” leaders in new comments about the deadly Orlando nightclub shooting, following backlash he received on Twitter for his initial response about the “congrats” he’s gotten for “being right” on terrorism.
The presumptive Republican presidential nominee criticized President Barack Obama for “disgracefully” refusing to say the words “radical Islam” while addressing the nation on the massacre at the popular Pulse Orlando gay nightclub that left 50 dead and another 53 wounded. Trump also called out opponent Hillary Clinton for failing to use that exact phrase.
“Last night, our nation was attacked by a radical Islamic terrorist. It was the worst terrorist attack on our soil since 9/11, and the second of its kind in 6 months. My deepest sympathy and support goes out to the victims, the wounded, and their families,” Trump said in the statement.
“If we do not get tough and smart real fast, we are not going to have a country anymore,” he added. “Because our leaders are weak, I said this was going to happen – and it is only going to get worse. I am trying to save lives and prevent the next terrorist attack. We can’t afford to be politically correct anymore.”
Clinton responded to Trump’s criticism in a statement released by her campaign on Sunday night, again calling the shooting an “act of terror.”



Apparently this is the ugliest colour in the world since it looks like a combination of dirt and mucus. Officially it's known as Pantone 448C, although we here at Allan's Perspective just call it 'shit brown!"

Matter of fact, this colour is so disgusting that some governments are thinking about legislating cigarette companies to make this the official colour of their cigarette packs. (I think I would rather look at a picture of a cancerous lung than this!) 
According to a report from the Smithsonian, an Australian user experience agency, GfK, surveyed over 1,000 smokers between the ages of 16 and 64 in 2012 and found that this color—also referred to as “opaque couché”—reminded most participants of “filth.” So Australia adopted it for its plain cigarette packaging.
The UK introduced similar legislation in May, stating that Pantone 448C will be the primary color on nearly 60 percent of packs and that brands will only be able to use standard fonts, sizes, and locations.


A new report claims that YOGA poses can help you sleep better at night ....., so your trusty reporter tried all of them last night to determine their effectiveness!