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Monday, June 13, 2016

Giant rodent captured!

Dear Readers:

You may, or may not have heard that two large Capybaras escaped the High Park Zoo in Toronto and were running lose in the forest. (You might think that these animals, who can reach lengths of four feet. and weigh up to 200 lbs. apiece would be easy to catch, but that's not always the case!)

One of two large rodents that escaped a Toronto zoo has been rounded up.

According to social media posts by Sarah Doucette, one of the Capybaras was recaptured on Sunday. Doucette posted on Facebook Sunday night that the Capybara, which resemble a tailless beaver with short legs, is resting.

The two creatures, one male and one female, escaped from the High Park Zoo about two weeks ago. The six month old Capybaras, dubbed Bonnie and Clyde by zoo staff, took off while they were being introduced to their enclosure for the first time as part of an exchange with another zoo. Toronto TV station CP24 reported that zoo staff weren't saying exactly how and where the animal was found.
Meanwhile, the second animals was still on the lose, but reports indicate that it was trying to surrender, and was reportedly attempting to find me, as shown in this video taken by a member of the Perspective Naked News Staff!