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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Stop hiding behind the Second Amendment!

Dear Readers: (Here's a short one that brings the gun debate into "Perspective!")

Never mind the fact that the Second Amendment in the United States Constitution is not only outdated and irrelevant, but misinterpreted as well.

Due to the Second Amendment, the United States has permissive gun licensing laws.

This is in contrast to most developed countries, which have restrictive laws.

And this is the main reason for so many gun problems in the United States!
According to a seminal work by criminologists George Newton and Franklin Zimring, permissive gun licensing laws refer to a system in which all but specially prohibited groups of persons can purchase a firearm. In such a system, an individual does not have to justify purchasing a weapon; rather, the licensing authority has the burden of proof to deny gun acquisition.

By contrast, restrictive gun licensing laws refer to a system in which individuals who want to purchase firearms must demonstrate to a licensing authority that they have valid reasons to get a gun – like using it on a shooting range or going hunting – and that they demonstrate “good character."

The type of gun law adopted has important impacts. Countries with more restrictive gun licensing laws show fewer deaths by firearms and a lower gun ownership rate than countries with permissive gun licensing law!
The corollary of these permissive gun licensing laws in the States, when combined with a "wild west" attitude of the population, can only lead to disaster for the affected society