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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I'm not a racist, I'm a culturalist! (But I still hate Trump!)

Dear Readers:

Just to be clear, this article is not about racial slurs or denigrating one culture or another, it's about how 'political correctness' colours everything we do and say.

Yesterday I made some comments about how Arab and East Indian cultures seem to have a propensity towards sexual assault and rape compared to most Northern Europeans, and boy did I get a lot of comments about being a misogynist and racist. (I told ya once before kids, I'm not a racist, just a bigot!)

Well, in my defence I came across an article today about how they are having a big problem in Halifax with sexual assaults by cab drivers on their female passengers:  
Four women have reported a sexual assault by a taxi driver in the Halifax area in the past three months. A 22-year-old woman was the latest victim. The incident happened in Dartmouth on Sunday around 4 a.m.
There have been a dozen sexual assaults by taxi drivers reported in the past five years. None has yet resulted in a conviction. Police victims services worker Angela Jeffrey-Haynes said the apparent uptick recently may be the result of more women coming forward.
Halifax police advise passengers to note the numbers on cabs roof lights.
However, victims service caseworker Angela Jeffrey-Haynes says she doesn’t think “prevention lies solely on police” or on the “women preventing their own sexual assault.” Regional councillor Jennifer Watts says more prevention work needs to be done by taxi companies. One possibility is making cameras inside taxicabs mandatory. At least three major local cab companies say they support that idea.
NOW, here's the rub, kids. Not once did the article mention the nationality of these drivers, because that wouldn't be politically correct, even though we all know that certain cultures gravitate towards certain jobs. (For example, East Indians operate motels, Chinese have restaurants and dry cleaners, Arabs sell cars, Koreans and other Asians operate variety stores, Islamic terrorists cut off heads. etc. etc.)

 Like I said, not once did the article mention the nationality of these drivers because that wouldn't be politically correct.

Except ...., the very last line of the article proves the writer couldn't help himself.

 "Taxi driver Majid Latif said he believes cabs are safe."

(I rest my case!)