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Friday, July 8, 2016

Kiss Yer Ass Goodbye!!!

Dear Readers:

Charles Manson first talked about it in "Helter Skelter," now white survivalists and "preppers" are spreading across North America under the assumption that there is going to be a race war, a general breakdown of society or Armageddon!

Although the situation in Dallas is alarming, I don't think it will spread any further, (at least I sure hope not) but just the same we need to pay attention to these people because they're all over the place ....., even right here in Ontario.

This group is aimed at individuals that have interest in gaining knowledge, acquiring new skills and networking with like-minded individuals that are preppers and survivalists. It is completely non-profit, free and open to anyone.
For anyone wondering:
We don't believe in Zombies...
We don't believe the world is going to end....
We don't wear tin foil hats....
We have a life....
We're not a doom and gloom group that worries about something that may never happen. Actually, quite the opposite. We're just civil, intelligent people that like the idea of being prepared should something occur.
Here's a video from last year to give you a sample of what we're all about:
Meets are educationally-based and will sometimes feature a special guest speaker and/or demonstration followed by an open discussion between any and all members on the topic. Anyone from beginners to experts are welcome. Prepping and the art of survival involves communities and like-minded individuals. A true prepper or survivalist knows that they can't be absolutely prepared for everything. That's partly why this network exists.
Some common topics for the Ontario Prepper Survival Network Meet-up's will include things like:
Long-term Food & Water Storage
First Aid and Medical Equipment
EMP and Faraday Cages
Alternative Power Generation
Agriculture after Armageddon
Firearms and Alternate Weapon Creation
Martial Arts Defense Training
Bug out Vehicles and Locations
Post-armageddon Communications
...and much more
The secondary focus of the Ontario Prepper Survival Network is the exchange of information for our own personal sources for prepper and survival related goods and services within Ontario. We've been in this game for a while and there's a really good chance we've already found the best contact or resource that you're looking for.
Finally, we should point out that this meet-up is free. There's no interest in profit or even selling anything for that matter. Any costs that may arise will solely be based on anything associated with a specific meet-up. Our interest is to create and provide information to like-minded individuals, share resources and otherwise network with people that are on the same page.
Question? Comments? Concerns? Feel free to get in touch with me directly through facebook: