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Friday, 22 July 2016


Dear Readers:

Image result for kkk clipartEXTRA, EXTRA, read all about it!

David Duke, one of the big shots in the KKK, has just announced he's going to run for the Senate in Louisiana!

Don't know if Donald Drumpf is going to support him, but if he does ...., the slogan would be: "MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN!"


Image result for bernie sandersOn the subject of politics there are rumours going around that during the big race between Clinton and Sanders some of the Democratic party officials were openly debating on which would be more damaging to Bernie Sanders, portraying him as an atheist or a Jew!

Fortunately cooler heads prevailed and the subject never came up, even though the Republicans were reported to be more than willing to go that route if Sanders had won!


I went to see the new Star Trek movie today and at the risk of giving away some of the plot a giant armada of spaceships was destroyed by subjecting them to a broadcast of rap music! (Seems I've been right about rap the whole time!)


I don't have much time or sympathy for Pride Festivals and parades, but this is the start of the granddaddy of all Comic-Con festivals this week in San Diego!
(Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj are all going!)
2016 Comic-Con - Day 1 
2016 Comic-Con - Day 1 
2016 Comic-Con - Preview Night 
2016 Comic-Con - Preview Night
2016 Comic-Con - Preview Night
.2016 Comic-Con - Preview Night2016 Comic-Con - Preview NightFILM-COMICCON/FILM-COMICCON/2016 Comic-Con - Preview Night