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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

God doesn't like Fort McMurray!

Dear Readers:

Image result for ancient disasters clipartLet's face it folks, God just doesn't like Fort McMurray! (Now a lot of left wingers are saying it's because of the oil industry up there, but we all know that's bullshit!)

Whatever the case,  just a few short months ago the entire place was evacuated because of raging forest fires that eventually destroyed a good part of the city. 
Residents of Canada’s oil sands capital are wondering what will come next. They’ve lived through the rushed evacuation of more than 80,000 people and a wildfire that broke records in how aggressively it pressed forward – as well as years of heavy job losses and plunging profits because of oil prices that have stayed low far longer than most expected.
Now we get this: Fort McMurray hit with 'biblical' flood amid wildfire recovery efforts!
As crews pumped water from flooded areas, ash was dusted off barricades so they could be put to use keeping motorists away from waterlogged roads. During the wildfire, those barricades blocked access to acres of scorched homes. Some people were once again told to boil their water, only weeks after similar advisories put in place for the fire were rescinded. “You saw the terrible thing in Fort McMurray. My God, I’m sure they were wondering would the locusts be next. I mean, it’s so biblical,” said David Phillips, Environment Canada’s senior climatologist. “They had the fires and the drought and now the floods. They clearly had more than a month’s worth of rain in Fort McMurray in two hours, and it’s almost as if they couldn’t get rain when they prayed for it back in April and May.”
On top of that they've already had a plague of mosquitoes, (although that's normal for this time of year) but most residents are now expecting locusts and frogs as well as the Athabasca river turning to blood ....., and an outbreak of  leprosy!