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Monday, 12 September 2016

Trump shows a bit of common sense!

To whom it may concern:

Well, Donald Drumpf finally showed a bit of compassion and common sense today when he commented on Hillary Clinton's case of "walking pneumonia."

Instead of the usual bluster and pompous proclamations, he realized this was a serious condition and not some political weapon to be used against Hillary, so he quietly wished her well and hoped for a speedy recovery.

Good for him, folks! (I can't believe I said something good about this guy!)

I used to think pneumonia was just a bad cold and didn't realize how dangerous it was, or how many people it killed each year. (It's right up there with cancer and heart attacks, kids!)

In January of 2015 I got the flu (Because the flu shot was the wrong one that year) and it put me in the hospital with double pneumonia ....., and I then spent ten weeks first in a coma and then intensive care because all my organs had started to shut down.

I also died once, but they brought me back so it doesn't count.

Matter of fact they told everybody except me that I wouldn't make it. (Thankfully they didn't tell me, so I didn't realize how serious it was and got better in spite of everything!)

Anyway, my whole point is that for anyone who is middle-aged or older, pneumonia is nothing to sneeze at! (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)