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Thursday, 29 December 2016

And another bunch of Assholes bite the dust!

Dear Friends:


O.K. back the truck up a bit boys and girls!!!!!

Steve Martin was paying tribute to Carrie Fisher with that quote, and now some of the P.C. crowd are up in arms because they consider that comment to be sexist and objectifying of women! (He was giving her a compliment ...., damnit!)

Now let's get things back into PERSPECTIVE here! (God I love that word!)

I just made the entire country of Saudi Arabia our "Asshole of the Day" for their treatment and contempt of women, but all those Politically Correct idiots who are on the opposite end of the spectrum deserve their own special trophy as well! (And I send it to them with a lot of hugs and kisses!)

Now don't get me wrong folks, although I don't particularly like Steve Martin's brand of humor, (I would go so far as to say "I don't get it.") that is no reason to have these P.C. half-wits express their indignation at something that is none of their business to begin with!