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Friday, 30 December 2016

The only way to live in the United States!

Dear Friends:

Your faithful reporter and author has said many times in the past that there is no way I would live in the United States for a variety of reasons. (One of the only ways you can live well in the States is if you have lots of money!)

Forget about their violence and fixation with guns, never mind the underlying racial tensions, disregard the fact that their health care system sucks ....., unless you're rich, of course, forget about the United States penchant for getting into wars every few years, and especially for the fact that with the election of Donald Trump ....., the inmates have taken over the asylum!

No, none of this stuff can hold a candle to the greatest rip off and money grab that anyone has ever conceived of, or tried to fleece the American public with, since God only knows when.

What I'm talking about is the drug war and the "Forfeiture of Assets" law that the government is using to jail blacks and grab stuff from the mostly white population. (Because they have most of the money!)

Now we all know about the incarceration of blacks and other minorities that has been systematic for the last 30 or 40 years, but this "Forfeiture of Assets" is a scam that has been prevalent for the last decade or so!

You see, cops are allowed to seize almost anything that has to do with a drug bust, including cash, cars, property and investments. This practice has been used to help fund police departments for the pas number of years, and is growing in popularity by our law enforcement officials!!!!!

The height of hubris by any police department was this year when a teenager was found to be in possession of a few grams of marijuana while hanging around downtown ............... and since he lived at home ............... the cops seized his parents $350,000- house.

That's right kids, he was out with a few of his friends and got busted for possession ......, and then, when the cops found out his parents owned a $350,000- house, (free and clear) they stretched the rules to grab that house!!!!!!!

And THAT'S why I would never live there, or even go there!