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Monday, 5 December 2016

Who made this mess!

Dear Friends:

Your much maligned and often confused author got this in the mail today, and it generally sums the whole mess we called the U.S. election!
It was the voters. Many conservatives voted because they had legitimate grievances with various policies or legislation or the character of the other candidate. But this was not a campaign of competing ideologies. It wasn’t income taxes vs. capital gains. Or stimulus vs. trickle down. Or even terrorism or immigration enforcement. This was not a spirited conversation on the finer points of effective governing.
The only fine points in this election were pitchforks and torch fire. Let us take these voters at their candidate’s word: they don’t like non-white people very much. They don’t like non-Christian people very much. They don’t like non-heterosexual people very much. They don’t like non-middle-or-upper-class people very much. They don’t like non-American people very much. They don’t like non-male people very much, even their own. They are outrage with a universal adapter. They are an intersexual, pansexual grudgefuck. They were a disaster waiting to happen and someone to happen to. They were a warhead of deplorables and their candidate bucked and bronco’d them all the way down.