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Friday, 6 January 2017

My how time flies!

Dear Friends:

Listening to the radio while driving around this morning I heard one of my favourite songs by John Lennon from his last album. (Woman - Double Fantasy - This Album was supposed to be the start of a fantastic comeback for John Lennon, but Mark David Chapman fucked that up pretty good!)

Thinking about the fact that it came out in 1980 I was shocked when I realized this was 36 years ago last month. (It came out in December 1980)

In spite of changing musical styles and tastes, I have to say that since the introduction of what we call "Rock and Roll," the pop charts have remained fairly consistent in attracting a certain audience for over sixty years now!

Image result for radio clipartThis is all the more remarkable when you consider this involves a 60 year unbroken stream of songs from about 1956 (When rock first began to establish itself!) to 2016. (That would be like listening to songs from 1910 somewhere around 1970 ....., NOT!) 

Hopefully this trend will continue for quite some time as I don't want to give up the songs I grew up with!!