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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Saturday Morning Confusion about America's spotlight hog!

Dear friends:

Well folks, it's off to the races for President Drumpf, and my what a start he has made.

First of ll the 'Comedy Channel' ran (non stop) a "Roast of Donald Trump" all day yesterday, and watching bits of the show at various times it raised some serious questions!

This monstrosity of a show was recorded a few years ago while Drumpf was debating whether he should run for President ....., and it makes me wonder what could prompt him to appear on such a vile, filthy, crude and disgusting program with absolutely no redeeming social values while at the same time contemplating a run for the Presidency of the United states?

This program showed the true character of Donald J. Trump folks, because in spite of the humiliation and degradation of being the subject of a roast by small time hacks and comedians [sic] he just couldn't resist the chance to be in the limelight, no matter how it portrayed him!

The second thing that needs explanation is what happened during his Inaugural Parade from the Capital Building to the White house!

At times, and in a lot of locations, the crowds waiting to see him were very sparse,  so "Donald Trumblethinskin" did what any normal person would do: HE TOOK A PHOTO OF OBAMA'S  PARADE AND PHOTO-SHOPPED HIMSELF INTO IT!

Ta Daaaaaa!

(I can't wait to see how they portray him on Saturday Night Live this week!)