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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

NRA "silences" opposition!

Dear Friends:

Ya just never know what the 'Uh'mericans are going to come up with next kids!
With Donald Drumpf now in the White House, the National Rifle Association is proposing a couple of changes to gun laws that will make the Right Wing wild with anticipation...., while at the same time driving the Left just plain wild!

Wanna know what's causing all the fuss?

WELL, first of all they want to make it legal to buy a silencer for your pistol since it's a "health issue!" (Seems the blast from an un-silenced pistol could cause hearing damage!!!


They want to take away the provision that says mentally ill people can't buy a gun, thereby making it easier for all the nutcases and deranged s.o.b.'s out there to get their hands on a weapon!

 (Sure glad I live up here!)