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Thursday, March 2, 2017

EU threatens to introduce visas for US travellers.

Dear Friends: (With thanks to BBC News!)
US citizens should be refused visa-free access to the EU in response to American visa rules affecting citizens from five EU countries, the European Parliament has said.
That's right kids, Citizens of Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania are currently denied visa-free access to the US.
The new visa rules should come into effect quickly and should remain in place until the US visa requirements were shelved. A European Parliament statement said the EU Commission was legally obliged to temporarily reintroduce the new visa rules because of its reciprocity policy. It said a notification of non-reciprocity was first received in April 2014 - meaning the Commission should have taken action in April 2016 - but so far it has yet to do so.
Canada also has visa requirements for Bulgarian and Romanian citizens, the statement said, but it has announced that these will be shelved in December.

(AND, there are certain radical elements in Canada that maintain we should at least have Visa requirements for Americans, and maybe build a wall too .......!)

Don't ya just love politics?