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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What's the matter with the Jews?

Dear Friends: 

In my previous rant I talked about how some Muslim Imams were spreading hate speech here in Canada, and the members of their Mosque turned them in to the cops.  (Good for them!)

I don't know what it is with the Jews because they are among the most hardworking, industrious, peace loving and smart people around, yet we constantly hear about anti-Semitic remarks and hate crimes committed against them, and I can't for the life of me figure out why!

Look, I spent a few years living around Eglinton Ave and Bathurst Street in
Toronto. I had a Jewish girlfriend and regularly ate at the Bagel King on Eglinton, so I was quite familiar with Jewish culture and couldn't understand why anyone would wish them ill! As a group they were amongst the smartest and nicest people you could hope to meet, so it is with a deep sense of confusion and anger that I run into a diatribe about the Jews, or even the Muslims like this one.

I keep thinking that it is a joke someone is pulling on me, or, just maybe, there are one or two crazy people out there! I will let you decide, but I have a nasty suspicion that there are more than just a couple of them walking around amongst us.
By Sean Barr: 

CBC radio ACROSS CANADA IS JUST another sickening propaganda piece ..A MOUTHPIECE for the globalists, for the scumbags trying to form a new world order..FOR the Harper government and for governments in general! I am so sick and tired of listening to their BS propaganda !! AND now they are trying to shove the REFUGEES down our throats!! They are allowing Western Europe to be destroyed and they are supporting bringing in thousands upon thousands more fucking Syrians into Canada and frankly it is pushing me over the edge!! I am serious! CBC radio is a shameful mouthpiece for those who would destroy Canada AND the USA on top of every other WHITE run nation in this world!! They are destroying us bit by bit and only NOW it is accelerating full bore , and I am going to start actively fighting against CBC radio as well as CBC Television !! I am going to bring to Canadians attention how cynical and sickening they are at CBC!! Totally controlled MSM, just like BBC and every other 'major news outlet the world over!! Being run by JEWS , JEWS with a Zionist bent and what more do we need to know?

Like I said folks, in some ways I must be a little naive because I just don't understand shit like this.

After all, THIS guy was a Jew! -->