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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Insanity on Capital Hill!

Dear Friends:

Don the Con Trumplethinskin addressed Congress for the first time yesterday and here's a picture of him:

(Now I have to admit that I've seen this expression lots and lots of times before folks ......, but it's always been on the face of a six year old kid!)

MEANWHILE: Drumpf said he planned to increase military spending by about 50 BILLION bucks a year, while decreasing health care, education and  social services by about 50 BILLION bucks a year!

Folks, this man's insanity knows no bounds because the U.S. military could already take on the rest of the world with no problem, while at the same time the American poor and elderly are falling fast as far as their education and standard of living declines!

"Does this man know no bounds, common sense or morals!"

P.S. Drumpf also claimed to be "The least racist man alive," but nobody believed him because he forgot to say "Believe Me" at the end!