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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Anti-Semitic Rant Condemned by Muslims!

Dear Friends:

Hats off to the Muslim's from two mosques in Toronto and Montreal who turned in Imam's who were preaching hate and violence!

Our "Winner of the Day" award goes first to the faithful at the Masjid Toronto mosque who reported an Imam who made anti-Semitic remarks over the last few years.

“With a complaint filed, there is now an investigation,” Toronto Police spokesman Mark Pugash confirmed Wednesday.

In addition to the police investigation, the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) has also opened its own internal investigation. 
The sermons included things such as the need to “purify” the Dome of Rock mosque in Jerusalem of the “filth of the Jews” and slaying non-believers, infidels and polytheists.
“The double standard and hypocrisy was appalling,” said Halevi, who alleges the hate was happening inside the mosque — not outside.
The mosque, and one of the speakers, has repeatedly apologized.
And MAC also temporarily suspended a mosque employee while the probes are underway.
“We condemn all forms of discrimination and intolerance to any faith group,” MAC spokesman Memona Hossain told the Toronto Sun. “We take this incident very seriously and we are working to rectify it and ensure it doesn’t happen at all in future.”
Meanwhile, MAC is also investigating and said in a release “we have also reached out to leaders in the Jewish community to express our sincere apology for this incident, and to continue the dialogue between our communities.”
The Jewish Defence League (JDL), which filed the police complaint, says it is not ready to accept an apology at this point and wants more information on what is behind these sermons.
“We want police to conduct its investigation and look thoroughly into what is going on inside of the mosque” and “into its outside affiliations,” said Meir Weinstein, JDL’s national co-ordinator, who turned over two videos and other evidence to a detective at 32 Division.
The JDL and B’nai Brith Canada has also asked Ryerson University to begin a probe of one of its teaching faculty, the suspended mosque employee who is a PhD student.
Ryerson has not yet returned calls.
 MEANWHILE, over in Montreal:
A Montreal mosque where an imam had prayed for Jews to be killed “one by one” is facing fresh calls for an investigation after more videos surfaced online showing anti-Semitic preaching.
The Middle East Media Research Institute released a video on Tuesday of sermons in which an imam at the Al Andalous Islamic Centre, AND OTHERS, conveyed conspiracy theories about Jews, their history and their origins.

(With thanks to the Toronto Sun and National Post!)