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Monday, 27 March 2017

Will Donald Trump get re-elected in 2020?

Image result for donald trump clipartDear Friends:

As I mentioned before British bookies are now taking bets on not only will Don the Con Drumpf be a one term President, but also on whether he will finish his first term, or ..........................., whether he will even last his first 100 days!

This answer was the best:

Not a snowball’s chance in hell — and I doubt he’ll survive his first term. Here’s the track record in less than 5 weeks as POTUS:
  1. Trump spends first 48 hours arguing about the size of his inauguration crowd.
  2. Trump signs executive order on immigration, but it's so poorly written that it causes chaos around the country and is immediately put on hold by a district court.
  3. Update: A second, revised ban is put on hold by a judge in Hawaii.
  4. Trump chooses crackpot as National Security Advisor, fires him three weeks after inauguration.
  5. Trump tries to bully China by playing games with One China policy, is forced into humiliating retreat after realizing he's playing out of his league.
  6. Trump casually green-lights a raid on Yemen over dinner. The raid turns into an epic disaster that kills a SEAL and accomplishes nothing.
  7. Trump lays all blame for failure of Yemen raid on “the generals” who “started [the mission] before I got here” and “they killed him.”
  8. Trump blathers about the [border] wall and a 20 percent border tax on Mexico, causing the Mexican president to cancel a planned visit.
  9. Trump continues to claim that crime is skyrocketing; that polls showing his unpopularity are fake; and that refugees have wreaked terror on America, despite the fact that these are all lies.
  10. Trump calls the media “the enemy of the American people.”
  11. After weeks of confusion on their signature priority, Republicans finally realize that repealing Obamacare isn't all that easy — and Trump goes on the record with this quote: “Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.” Nobody?
  12. Trump proposes spending an extra $54 billion on defense without realizing he can't do that.
  13. Trump accuses former President Obama of “wiretapping” his campaign prior to the election — and offers no evidence to support the allegation (without realizing that a President has no such singular legal authority).
  14. Embarrassingly supports embattled AG Sessions — who is forced to recuse himself after lying under oath.
  15. Is angered by AG who recuses himself — in spite of his personal belief that recusal was unnecessary.
  16. Update: Fires 46 federal prosecutors — including U.S. attorney in Manhattan Preet Bharara — even though he specifically told Preet that he could stay — and offers no reason for the surprise dismissal.
  17. Ties to Russian tampering of the election have dogged his short tenure — and effectively squelched any polling bump he might have recieved after a successful reading of a 60-minute speech before a joint session of congress.