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Monday, April 3, 2017

Dancin' Fool!

Dear Friends:

Since we're on a "long ago" kick today I thought I'd tell you about some other stuff I reminisced about today.

I grew up in the Sixties, and by that I mean my early teen years, which is coincidentally also the time that some great dance music was on the radio.

Yes, we learned the Mashed Potato, the Watusi, The Twist, The Popeye, the Stroll, the Harlem shuffle,  the Hitchhike and many more while hanging out at the dance patio at Graham's Park on the eastern edge of Toronto. (It was on Highway #2 and the Rouge River. It's a conservation area now! This is also the time when a small package of Players smokes cost 35 cents!)

Yup, ya put your nickle in the Jukebox, and then you'd dance your heart out!

Matter of fact kids, here's the top ten dance's of all time!