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Monday, 3 April 2017

Picture perfect from long ago!

Dear Friends:

It's amazing how something can jog your memory all of a sudden! It happened to me this week when I saw an old picture of the 'Labatt's Beer Truck.'

Now the world wide headquarters for Labatts was here in London, Ontario since John Labatt l was from here ...., and our big new arena (which is of one of the top ten concert venues in North America) was named after him. (The Labatt Center)

That is until Budweiser came along and bought Labatt's  and changed the name to the 'Bud Gardens!'

Anyway, I digress, the picture brought back childhood memories since I saw this truck as a kid, but not here in London folks.

No, it was a time and place much further back than that ....., I saw this thing in Toronto when I was only about ten years old.

It must have made quite an impression on me since I immediately recognized it!

Another trivia fact that not many people know about is that the Labatt family had a summer house on Lake Huron in Brights Grove, which is just outside of Sarnia. (Just a few blocks from where golfer Mike Wier grew up!)

Anyway, one day while John and his family were at the house, a gang of desperado's kidnapped good 'ol John and held him for Ransom!


Once the money was paid and Mr. Labatt was safely back home in London, he swore that he would never go back to their summer home since it had too many bad memories. (And he never did!)