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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Stop the Presses, West Coast Flash!

Dear Friends:

Before we get into any real news from out West please note that I have not written for almost a week because I CAN'T GET ANYTHING TO WORK OUT HERE, including my computer, so I have to use my sister's!

First of all the only thing that was free on the flight to Victoria was coffee and a stupid cookie........, and  a lot of pain!!!!!!

(We had a three hour layover in Calgary and while I was wheeling my feisty (and bossy) mother around the airport in a wheelchair, she instructed me to take her to the bathroom so she could go "refresh" herself, and I dutifully deposited her at the door.)

While she was gone I decided to sit in the chair for a rest, but didn't realize that she hadn't put on the brakes on the chair and as I sat down the damned thing slide out from underneath me so I ended up doing the splits on the floor.

After rolling around and moaning for a few minutes an attendant go me to a seat and that's where I stayed until our flight left for Victoria.

Once at our destination I went to the car rental agency and enquired about a vehicle to drive and they told me it would be $750- for ten days ......, needless to  say we didn't take it! When we got to my sister's place I went on-line and got a chariot for $280- with all taxes, fees, etc. AND NO G.P.S.!

Since they neglected to tell me, and I forgot ask, I was stuck with the thing for the next week and there wan't a damned thing I could do about it. (More on how many times I got lost will be addressed later!)

All in all we spent a few delightful days at my sister's place and then caught the ferry for Vancouver for my daughter's wedding on the Saturday ....., and when we got to the Airbnb place I rented I found out that they didn't have any regular TV at all, just everything in Chinese, (including the news)  and only one channel for Netflix, which I had to find with Chinese directions. (This alone took a couple of  hours)

Before I get to the wedding, which was great, I spent a few days driving around Vancouver without GPS so I was totally lost and must have driven over that stupid Portubello, Pateullo, Portegues bridge about half a dozen times trying to find my way around.

By the way, Vancouver is divided into India on the one side of the Fraser River on the Delta and Surrey Side, and China in Richmond and Burnaby, connected by that damned Portabitchin bridge.

I should mention that they also have an older, slim East Indian guy with white robes, a turban and a long silver beard situated strategically at every intersection in Surrey ......, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why they were there, or what the hell they were doing!

(One last thing before I get to the wedding tomorrow, and that is that the microwave wouldn't work either, or had to be set in Chinese, so I still have four hungry man dinners sitting there with no place to go and no one to eat them!)

SO! That's all for right now and I will discuss my daughter's wedding in the next post.

Lot's of love to everyone, especially The Mrs. Herself, who wasn't up to all the travelling ......, from your old faithful reporter who is situated three hours in the future out here on the West Coast.