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Friday, July 14, 2017

How to avoid getting slimed!

Dear Friends: "Let's get things back into perspective here!"

Since I'm taking a couple of days vacation away from writing about Trumpie and his partners in crime, I looked around for something interesting to tell you about but everything I saw was dull and boring, or just plain stupid, UNTIL I RAN ACROSS THIS:
A truck carrying a bunch of slime eels (Hag-fish) recently crashed on a highway in Oregon, releasing a mind-boggling amount of slime and forcing the highway to close. The slithery creatures fell off a truck on Highway 101 in Oregon yesterday (July 13), causing a five-car crash, coating nearby cars in a Ghostbusters'-worthy amount of slime, and sending the spooked creatures slithering across the road, Oregon Live reported.

Now this might look like something from a "B" flick horror movie, but I can assure you that it's perfectly true kids!
The creatures in question are a species of jawless fish that have seen the rise and fall of the dinosaurs and have changed very little in the last 300 million years, said William O'Connor, a biologist with Ecofact Environmental Consultants Ltd. in Ireland, who is an expert on eels. The eely-looking creatures belong to the group Agnatha and are similar to lampreys, O'Connor added.
While they may not be the most photogenic of creatures, the scavenging bottom-dwellers play an important role in the ecosystem, recycling nutrients and serving as prey, O'Connor said. They are not endangered, but their numbers have dropped, thanks to overfishing for food and leather (called eel skin), said Douglas Fudge, a comparative biologist and hagfish expert at Chapman University in California. [Extreme Life on Earth: 8 Bizarre Creatures]
It looks surprisingly like one of the sand creatures from the movie "Dune!"

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