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Sunday, 30 July 2017

If I ruled the world #9

Dear Friends: "Let's get things back into perspective here!"

Now that the Republican Health Care bill seems to have died a slow death let me offer a few thoughts on the subject, and what can be done to fix it!

First this letter:
In 2010 or so, we were on holiday in Los Angeles, when my dad contracts appendicitis. He is rushed to hospital because he didn't complain about it until it really hurt, and by that time it had almost exploded. This was at 2am or so in the morning.
The first thing that happened to him when he checked in was that he was given a wristband and asked for his credit card number. He couldn't really talk, but my Mum gave it to them. That was the first ‘identifying piece of information ' written on there. Not his name, date of birth, medical condition. Nada. If he didn't have a credit card, he wouldn't get seen. All this while he was in agony.
As unbelievable as that was for us Europeans, that wasn't the most heartbreaking. My Mum was told to wait in the reception area during the operation. While she was waiting, at around 3am a homeless man staggers in, complaining of intense pain in his chest. He was holding the area around his heart. My Mum, a doctor, was convinced he was having a heart attack.
According to her, the receptionists didn't even bat an eyelid, never mind look at him. They simply called the police, who hauled him out the place, making sure he didn't come in again. My Mum, horrified, watched as he collapsed a couple of times before crawling out of sight of her vantage point from the waiting area.
Being a doctor, and having taken the Hippocratic oath, she wanted to help him, but she was afraid that they might chuck her and my dad out of the hospital for doing so. An irrational fear in hindsight, but on little sleep, in a country whose system you're not familiar with, and with your husband literally being operated on that minute, it's not a decision you want to take. In any case, she had no medical supplies or equipment on her, and I doubt the hospital would have ‘lent’ her any, at least not for free, so there wasn't much she could do.
The most heartbreaking thing was seeing a man literally dying outside a hospital because the hospital knew he wouldn’t be able to pay for his treatment, and not being able to do anything about it.

Addendum: So as some people have informed me, either I have just accused a US hospital of breaking the law, or the person in question was not having a heart attack. I have confirmed with my mum what she saw, which is as outlined above, and hasn’t been edited since I wrote this answer. If he wasn’t having a heart attack, he was perhaps looking for a morphine dose or a place to sleep. He was simply driven out the door. In the UK the hospitals are aware of all the local shelters and will direct the person in question to one if they do not appear to be unwell. Whichever version is the true version, I think both are heartbreaking scenarios, from my point of view.
One of the first things the Unite States needs to do is eliminate "gerrymandering" and do away with all their lobbyists! This would give the country a more realistic representation and do away with all those special interest groups: especially insurance companies, big banks and corporations, and big pharma.

Next the United States HAS to reduce their military by about HALF! (The U.S. military budget is bigger than the next nine countries combined!)

THEN: Between the money saved by not catering to big business, and saved from the military budget, there would be enough cash around to provide universal health care for all, and more spending on education and infrastructure. (Sure there would be a tax hike, but nobody would need to pay for health insurance out of their pocket!)

Then shoot every Republican that complains abut this being socialism or communism!

For all you NRA types ......., how's that for irony?   [sic]

The way I see it anyway!

(P.S. Back in the 80's Ronald Reagan fought the "triad of evil" but now in 2017 Donald Drumpf has joined the "triad of crazy" North Korea, the Philippines and Turkey!)