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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Trump the Clown!

Dear Friends: "Let's get things back into perspective!"

A lot of talk these days abut the First and Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution but one of the amendments that is getting more and more traction if the 25th amendment!

And just what is the 25th amendment, you ask?

This is a bill that was enacted about fifty years ago that states if a President is incapacitated, either physically or mentally. (The 25th Amendment was adopted in 1967 in response to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and past presidential medical crises — including the heart attacks of Dwight Eisenhower and the illnesses of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson — to deal with instances where presidents become incapacitated and unable to perform the duties of their office.)

The commission would be a nonpartisan panel appointed by congressional leaders composed of four physicians, four psychiatrists and three others — such as former presidents, vice presidents or other former senior U.S. government officials. The commission, if directed by Congress through a concurrent resolution, would be empowered to conduct an examination of the president “to determine whether the president is incapacitated, either mentally or physically.”

Since this proposal was first floated in the Congress a majority of the Democrats and even some Republicans have said: "Enough is enough!