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Friday, 4 August 2017

Right picture, wrong message!

Dear Friends: "Let's get things back into perspective here!"

I picked up a copy of our local paper, the London Free Press today and one of the first things I saw was somebody complaining about this picture:
My first thought was: "Oh God, here we go again, another S.O.B. from the politically correct crowd complaining about depicting a black man picking tobacco."

Turns out I was wrong kids, the beef was about showing TOBACCO because of all its harmful effects on people that are still dumb enough to smoke it!


While we're at it, Pierre Justin Trudeau got into hot water yesterday by saying during an interview with Rolling Stone magazine that Patrick Brazeau, the Indian Senator from Quebec, was a perfect foil for his part in a boxing match with our current Prime Minister !

The P.C. crowd bitched that it was demeaning to call an Indian a "foil," when in actual fact Trudeau was referring to the fact that Brazeau was a "dufus!"

The way I see it anyway!

(By the way, I would pay good money to see  Trudeau fight Jean Chr├ętien, and I'd put my money on Chr├ętien,  even if he is a hundred years older!)