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Friday, 15 September 2017

Six degrees of separation?

Dear Friends: "Let's get things back into perspective here!"

Who and what your relatives are has always confused me and as a result I don't understand who is a second cousin or great uncle or even a step son vs a half brother.

With this in mind you will understand why I consider this story to be mystifying, if not downright weird!

I will start at the beginning,  my wife had a good friend and neighbour called Francine who lived right beside her when she still lived in Sarnia. Francine has since moved out around Bellevile or the Picton area and we moved here to London.

Got it so far? OK!

When we moved here the wife made friends with a woman called Joan who was originally from Toronto.

Now that we have all the players (My wife, Francine, Joan) located and set in their various areas of the province, we also have two young women from the Philippines who worked together in Delhi Ont. when they first came to Canada.

Now it gets interesting folks.

When the girls moved on they settled in different parts of the province and met two guys called Andrew and Michael. As fate would have it they all got married and the four of them became best friends ......., and this where it gets interesting folks.

Andrew is Francine's son and Michael is Joan's son, so each of the couples knew both Francine and Joan, but Francine and Joan didn't know each other ................., except my wife knew them both.

I don't even know how this whole thing got discovered except that both my wife, and Francine, and Joan, like nothing better than to do a whole bunch of yakking, so this little bit of information gradually revealed itself,  even though it still totally confuses me!

The way I see it anyway.

P.S. I hope this whole thing makes sense because I still don't fully understand it except that I think there is now some sort of a reunion planned!!