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Saturday, 16 June 2018

Saturday Morning Confusion About Dinosaurs!

Dear Friends: Over the course of the past few years we at the 'Perspective Research Department,' along with some help from the 'Naked News Staff,' have delved into such topics as  evolution and creationism, religion, psychology,  conspiracy theories and much more......... but one of the areas that remains below the radar for most people is the subject of DINOSAURS!

Ask the average person on the street what happened to them and they will tell you that the dinosaurs got wiped out when a large rock from space hit Mexico and caused a world wide calamity some 65 million years ago!

NOT TRUE, says your ever inquisitive reporter!

Yes, a lot of dinosaurs got wiped out to the point where mamals became the dominant species on the planet (Terra) but the rest of the dino's slowly evolved and changed over the millions of years until we have what is perhaps the best known dinosaur of all:
Image result for chicken clipart

That's right kids..... A CHICKEN!

To put the whole thing into "Perspective" (God I love that word) we can basically say that animals that lay eggs are descendants of dinosaurs and animals that give birth to their young are now modern day mammals! (Although there are exceptions!)

Image result for snake clipartThat's just a rough guide folks, but as an example of what we end up with here a some more dinosaur descendants:
Image result for turtle clipart
Image result for bird clipartImage result for lizard clipart


Image result for flintstones DINO CLIPART

I put this in for all the confused religious types because this is where they got the idea that humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time! (About 5000 years ago!)

The way I see it anyway!

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