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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Original Sin!

I don't know why we got on to such a religious fervour this week unless I was subconsciously getting prepared for Easter weekend but now that we are here I have a few more thoughts that occurred to me at three o'clock this morning when I sat bolt upright and slapped my forehead with inspiration! (And pain)

This whole trail of thought started with one of the statements made by the small band of holy rollers that attacked me over the last few days.

One of them said to me.....!

(Got to interrupt here! It doesn't matter which one it was because they are all the same! My dad used to describe people like this in this manner; "You can put them all in a potato sack and hang it from the rafters. Then, start beating the sack with a large stick...... who-ever you hit will be the right one!")

Sorry, I went off on a little tangent there!

Anyway, one of them said; "Oh yea! (They usually start that way!) Oh yea, he said, well I'll have you know that God can do anything He wants because He's God!

Well,,,,,,, first of all God is not a He! God is God, period!

Second..... God can't do anything God wants in this Universe for a very good reason!

Our reality, or existence, or whatever you want to call it, is based on certain rules set up by God in the first place!

Sure, God can change the rules, but then God would also have to change the very nature of nature!!!

Follow that?

Call these rules, "Laws of Nature" or whatever you want, but they form the backbone of reality and they can't be broken without having the whole house of cards come tumbling down!

There are no exceptions or excuses.

Our Universe is built on certain irrefutable laws, and unless you want to re-build the Universe from scratch those "Laws" hold true!

Keep that in mind while we shift gears for a bit here!

The reason Religious Fundamentalists are so against evolution is two-fold.

First the holy types are too proud to think they came from lower animals at some time in the past because, after all, we are "special" because we are made in "God's image."

(They don't stop to think that this might mean "moral" or "spiritual" image!)

On top of that, if we did evolve from lower life forms there goes the story of Adam and Eve!

And guess what bunky?

There goes the story about "original sin!"

Now we get on shaky ground because without "original sin" there was no need for Jesus to die for us on the cross.....................!

(We got trouble in River City, folks!)

The whole reason for, and foundation of, Christianity, goes right out the window as soon as you entertain the thought that there might be something to evolution!


Remember those rules of Nature?

One of those unbreakable rules is... "When you're DEAD, you're Dead!


Oh, I admit that Christ could have been killed for us, but after laying in a tomb for three days.............. HE DIDN'T COME BACK KIDS!"

Once you accept that, there goes the whole "Resurrection" thing and also the reason I am not a Christian!



-Allan; you crack me up.
arleen hodge

-Allan; So right! Unless the historical Jesus was catatonic and perhaps in a deep coma, he was dead, or not!Poe's Tell-tale Heart is a good example of them even missing this near-death experience as recently as the 1820s!there are too many discrepancies between fact and fiction and the people that take umbrage at Evolution are those way down on the genome scale anyway!
Georgiana S.,

-Allan; Your stuff is great!
Leah Christensen

Leah, I bet you say that to all the handsome, sexy, debonaire, witty authors!

-Allan; This was terrific! Thanks for the smile. :)
Ann S.,

-Allan; All of my sins are original :-)We are "special" because we are made in "God's image." The corrrect translation from the early Greek text is "Let US make man in OUR image..." Genesis also begins "In the beginning the GODS..."This pokes a couple of holes in all fundamentalist viewpoints.
Walker Bennett, SF Author,

Walker, I wish all my sins were original. Could you suggest some for me?
Alan, I never miss reading one of your posts.
Leo L.

-Leo thank you so much for the kind words, and if you want an original sin try breaking some of the Comandments from the third stone tablet that Moses dropped on the way down from the mountain!

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