Well listen to THIS!
By | Daily Buzz
A Montana man is pleading to the U.S. treasury department that his dog ate his money, according to the Helena Independent Record.
Oh yes, we’ve heard that excuse before.
Wayne Klinkel told the newspaper his golden retriever, Sundance, had eaten five $100 bills after he left mischievous dog alone with the money in his vehicle. Sundance did leave one last $1 bill uneaten.
drunk3After he discovered his guilty dog and the missing money, Klinkel said he followed Sundance around closely, retrieving small pieces of the bills from his poop. In the spring, more pieces surfaced and he managed to partially reconstruct the paper bills after cleaning and drying them.
Now he wants his $500 back.
Thankfully for Klinkel, there’s an office for that, called the Mutilated Currency Division at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. We’re confident that once the folks who work there stop laughing, they’ll help him out.
But that could take awhile.
The bureau’s website says it could take up to two years to resolve a claim for damaged currency. Klinkel will have to send what’s left of the money and wait for staff to assess if enough of them is left to warrant a reimbursement.
He better keep the reimbursement cheque away from the dog, eh!