First President Obama put a halt to the Keystone XL pipeline in the States after bowing to pressure from tree huggers and clean energy advocates, and now the Perspective Research Department, as well as the Naked News staff,  has discovered that a combination of environmentalists, animal rights groups, and members of P.E.T.A. have managed to put at least a six month, and perhaps a permanent stop to the Northern Gateway pipeline project folks!

imagesCA21JQJZSeems there are some  ornithologists (bird watchers) who discovered a pair of Northern Finch (Which is an endangered species) about to build a nest in one of the valleys where the multi-billion dollar pipeline was to be constructed over the next several years.

Scientists want the Finches to breed, and have cautioned against disturbing them in case they don’t produce any offspring this year, so the construction project has been placed on hiatus for the foreseeable future!

Ministry of the Environment officials and local Indian tribes have greeted the news with jubilation, while Canada Pipelines has stated that the people they hired for the project will have to go back on unemployment insurance.

The Federal Government will also work to extend the  E.I. benefits for the  pipeline workers, as well as the thousands  expected to be laid off at the Oil Sands!