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Friday, May 17, 2013

Is it Friday yet?

Folks, this is going to be one of the biggest stories of the last few weeks, or one of the biggest bullshit stories of the year!
Rob Ford caught on tape smoking crack?
BlogTO says Gawker Blog gawked at it, so unless THEY were smoking crack ................, this could get interesting!
(Our Perspective Research Department, and the Naked News staff, have learned that the owners of the video have already turned down $40,000- for the tape, but this is all unconfirmed!)


The headline said: "Space Boobs!" so naturally your ever curious reporter had to have a look!
Imagine my disappointment when I discovered it was all about bloopers, not boobs.
I wish those S.O.B.'s would be more careful about what they say, and how they say it!


A whole bunch of Grade 5 students started a campaign to tell Harper to stop being mean to Justin Trudeau. Harper threatened to boil them in oil!


German officials say Justin Bieber will have to pay the bill for his monkey's two-month stay at a Munich animal shelter.  A spokesman for Munich's customs office says the cost of care, food and vet visits for capuchin monkey Mally is several thousand dollars.


Seems the LCBO strike has been cancelled, and so has the T.O. Casino!


This guy I know in Toronto is what some call a "little person," but I just call a "midget!"
Since he is getting into middle age like the rest of us I was told that he tried Viagra last weekend when he went out on a hot date!
Poor little bastard kept getting these huge erections which then drained blood from his brain and caused him to pass out ...................! He never did get laid!


It happened once in Canada years ago, and now Venezuela has a potential poop-storm on its hands if it can't wipe out a toilet paper shortage. Officials said they will have to import 50 million rolls to meet the demand of what Trade Minister Alejandro Fleming called a "nervous population," according to a translation of an article from the state-run AVN news agency. The government blames the media for provoking fears about scarcity, which prompted consumers to hoard TP.  But, businesses and political opposition blame the government's policies, like price controls on basic goods — many of which are reportedly in short supply.  After meeting with Venezuelan paper company PAVECA, which agreed to increase its output, Fleming told AVN he will move to "saturate" the market and "clean up this mess" to alleviate the problem.

Kids, let this be a reminder to always wear your pajamas!
Nothing was going to get in the way of Irakli Sharvadze saving his truck from a thief early Tuesday.
Not even a lack of clothes. 
The Calgary man put on quite a show when he was taken on a wild ride around his neighbourhood in the back of his stolen truck — all while buck naked.
About 2 a.m., Sharvadze and girlfriend Sheila Wilhelm were getting ready for bed in their Tuxedo home. When Wilhelm heard their truck start up, she alerted Sharvadze, who ran outside in the buff and jumped on top to get the thief to stop.
Instead, the crook took off, with Sharvadze hanging from the roof.
“A couple of times we drove around the neighbourhood and I thought, ‘I’m naked, but what can I do?’” he said!
Police, meanwhile, declined to give any details except the bare facts.