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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Mid-Week mayhem!

WINNIPEG - A Winnipeg snowplough operator has pleaded guilty to driving under the influence.

A resident called police to report a snowplow driver was sleeping with the machine still running.

Another dead give-away was that there wasn't any snow to be seen!

According to evidence submitted in court this week, Bazyli Lemecha woke up when officers arrived and asked him to turn off the plow.

He drove off instead, but was stopped by police, who could smell alcohol and found a bottle of booze inside the snowplough.


Dave Walpole wants to be in the next Star Wars film, and he's not afraid to let the world know it.
The Hamilton actor has posted an audition video for Star Wars Episode VII on YouTube, one that features him fighting Storm Troopers on city streets and taking a stroll with R2D2.
“With this Han Solo hair, you just can't go wrong,” the 27-year-old says in the two-minute video.
He also pledges his devotion to the franchise, saying “I prefer my Tattoine blue milk over Star Trek Romulan ale any day.”
Walpole has a higher calling in the video. He's donating proceeds from the video to charity: water, which provides clean water to Third World countries.
But he really does want to be in the next Star Wars film.

Not picky about which role

“I'd be happy playing anybody,” he said from the backyard of his west Mountain home.
“I'd love to be that pilot that blows up, crashing into a Star Destroyer. I would love a main role. That's stretching quite a lot, but in the next series, if they go the way the comics and books have, there's offspring of Han Solo and Leia, and Luke has kids. One of those would be fine.” ---------------------------------   Halifax police have charged a 14-year-old Preston-area boy with making and distributing child pornography after a video was posted on a social media site. Police said they were alerted on April 8 about an online video showing a 15-year-old girl performing a consensual sexual act with a 14-year-old boy. Officers said they believe the suspect shot the video on April 5 without the consent of the victim at a party where alcohol was served.  -------------------------------------  Dear Readers: I KNEW IT! I've know about it for years and nobody would ever believe me but the cat's out of the bag now............ or the pussy has spilt milk, or something like that! For decades, stereotypes about gender and sex were bolstered by surveys in which men reported far more sexual partners than women. But a 2003 paper in the Journal of Sex Research found that if study participants thought they were hooked up to a lie detector, men and women would report the same number of sexual partners on average. The results suggested women were the ones lying when they thought they could get away with it, likely being coy about how many people they'd had sex with to avoid being seen as promiscuous. Men, meanwhile, looked upon it as: "The more, the merrier!"