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Andy is kind of a left-wing guy, so he is not always objective about Harper, but heh, lefties gotta live too!
Harper government rewriting history!
Governments are always accused of trying to rewrite history. Sometimes politicians will skew the stories of the past to suit their own purposes.
Well, according to Post Media News, it looks like our parliamentarians are going to rewrite history — literally.
Federal politicians have launched a “thorough and comprehensive review of significant aspects in Canadian history” in Parliament that will be led by Conservative MPs, investigating courses taught in schools, with a focus on several armed conflicts of the past century.
The committee’s plan would “focus on Canadian history, including but not limited to pre-confederation, early confederation, suffrage, World War I, with an emphasis on battles such as Vimy Ridge, World War II . . . the Korean conflict, peacekeeping missions, constitutional development, the Afghanistan conflict,” as well as general Canadian history in the last century.
17865-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Nude-Middle-Aged-Cacuasian-Woman-With-Black-Curly-Hair-Preparing-To-Take-A-ShowerNDP MP Dan Harris voiced his concerns about the review during Question Period on Friday.
“They want us to trust them to rewrite provincial history books? Mr. Speaker, Conservatives in the Heritage Committee are now trying to remake our nation’s history in their own image,” he said.
“The last thing Canadians want is politicians deciding what’s in their children’s textbooks.”
Stephen-Harper-Photo-courtesy-of-ReutersSpeaking of Harper …………,Stephen Harper says people are “fed up” with the old constitutional battles that have been around his entire life.
The prime minister was making his first official visit to Quebec on Friday since allegations surfaced that Supreme Court of Canada justices intervened in the patriation of the Constitution.
When asked by a reporter about the controversy, Harper said his government’s priority is the economy of the 21st century and not the constitutional disputes of the 1980s.
“I think that the whole population is fed up with this discussion,” Harper said shortly after he announced 55 clean-energy projects at a hotel in Quebec City.
“We’ve lived with this for all my life, all our lives.”
Harper’s remarks drew applause from the dozens of people in the Tory-friendly audience, which included cabinet ministers, party staffers and partners in the newly announced energy projects.
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If anybody is wondering why I am so against religion in general, and superstition in particular, this might help explain it!
Briton arrested with roasted human fetuses for use in black magic ritual …………….A British man has been arrested in Thailand after being found with six fetuses that had been roasted and covered in gold leaf as part of a black magic spirit ritual.
When I wrote my book “A Brief History of Western Religion” I was criticized for trying to destroy people’s faith, but when I read stuff like this, I feel more than justified!
News this week that Andy Dick said: “I wasn’t ready to leave Dancing With the Stars!”
Fortunately, that wasn’t his decision to make!
Maybe it’s because I’m older too!
While Lindsay Lohan doesn’t do anything  for me because of her attitude and antics,  her mother, Dina, is one hot broad!
Of course, rumour has it that she is part of the reason that Lindsay is so fucked up!
Jenna TalackovaAnd speaking of hot broads…………, do ya remember that transgendered Vancouver beauty who made Donald Trump eat his words when she demanded the right to compete in the Miss Universe pageant?
She/he will be starring in her own reality TV show this fall.
E! and Bell Media’s Brave New Girl (the show’s working title) will follow Talackova, 24, as she moves to Toronto to launch her modeling career. The eight-part, “unscripted” drama is set to begin filming this summer. ”It will be fun letting the world watch as I take the next steps in pursuing my dreams,” said Talackova in a media release.
Remember when just reading the transcript for when Reese Witherspoon drunkenly freaked out on a cop was great? Well, the dash cam video from the cruiser (with clear audio) is even better because holy shit does chardonnay turn Reese into a surly diva: