Genetic engineering has finally come of age for us kids!
The latest thing in gene manipulation is going to make a lot of people multimillionaires!
They are using stem-cells to grow hair!!!!!!
THIS JUST IN: The mother of a 19-year-old accused of killing two people and himself at a Maryland mall told reporters that her son was a “gentle, sweet kid.”
Google bought communications giant Motorola in 2012 for 13 billion dollars and just sold it again for 3 billion!
Motley Crew is calling it quits after this latest tour!
Jesus Christ, I thought they called it quits twenty years ago!
Rob Ford Mafia connections? Allegations today that Rob Ford had his sister’s ex-boyfriend beat up by other inmates while he was in jail have resulted in a lawsuit against the Mayor! (Didn’t I see that in the movie “The Godfather?”)
The last of three Ottawa teenage girls who ran an underage prostitution ring was convicted Wednesday of 30 charges. The now-17-year-old girl, arrested with two others in June 2012, cried as Justice Diane Lahaie found her guilty of all but three charges. They included procurement for the purpose of prostitution, human trafficking, making child pornography, sexual assault, child luring, uttering threats and unlawful confinement. (What the hell…. PIMPS DON’T CRY!)
Some rich guy in Hong Kong just offered 65 million bucks to any man who could get his gay daughter away from her female lover!
This is like a modern take on giving her a kiss to wake her up, rescuing her from a dragon, or releasing her from a locked tower!
(I’ll give it a shot!)
A British millionaire who divorced his ex-wife and moved his new girlfriend into the house while she was still living there, couldn’t understand why she became “so agitated” when he asked her if she would stay and work as his housekeeper.
There is no shortage of stunning photographs that record how North America was frozen solid earlier this month, but this picture brings the big freeze to life in stunning technicolor. (Notice the outline of North America in the background!)